Saturday, January 5, 2013


1.       9 to 12 Lasagna Noodles
2.       500gr Ground beef
3.       2  onion (middle size)
4.       2 cloves of garlic
5.       300gr mushroom
6.       4 table spoon  tomato paste
7.       2 tea spoon of curry spice
8.        Salt and turmeric (if you don’t have turmeric you can omit it)
9.       200 to 300gr Grated Mozzarella Cheese   

For Béchamel Sauce:
1.      3 cup milk
2.       5 table spoon white Flour (I used all-purpose flour)
3.       30gr butter
4.       A little salt and pepper


§  First, chop the onions and cloves of garlic. Then put a teaspoon of oil in the pan and add onions in and fry them till the colours change a bit, not completely fry just for changing from the row mode. After that add garlic to onions and fry around 1 more minute. Now add the meat to the pan too. After that the meat color changed a little bit, add the curry and turmeric to the pan, then add tomato paste and fry more.

§  Meanwhile you are frying the onion, garlic and meat; chop the mushrooms and fry them in 1ogr butter in another pan in high degree of stove and add about 1 food spoon of lemon juice to them. (Lemon juice makes the color of mushrooms won’t change to black).

§  To make the béchamel sauce, first solve the flour in the cold milk quiet, then put it on the stove and stir it with spoon that the flour won’t be like bullets. Do that till it will be dense like yogurt, then add the butter in and wait the butter be melt. Then put off from the stove and add a little bit salt and pepper.

§  Making lasagna noodles is exactly like what you do for pasta, you just need to be careful that they won’t be broken, for safety first care about the size of the pot you use and add 2 to 3 more lasagna that if they broke you have more.

§  And for  the sorting of lasagna noodles first put a little bit oil or butter in the dish you want to use, if you use Pyrex style dishes is better because you can serve with the same dish. Then put 1 layer lasagna noodles, add mozzarella cheese on them, then add meat stuff, then béchamel souse, then again add lasagna noodles for next layer and repeat it. For the last layer when you put the last lasagna noodles, fill it with béchamel sauce and then put all other cheese as another layer.

§  Now put it in the oven with 350 Fahrenheit degree for 45-60 minutes till the cheeses turn to be golden. You should check it because the temperature which is need is different for different kinds and brands of oven.

§  After that, it is ready you can add ketchup sauce eat it. Enjoy J

Monday, August 27, 2012

Saffron ice cream

And after a long time of updating, I gonna write some fun and delicious Persian ice cream which is called Saffron ice-cream or traditional ice cream. This ice cream is very popular in Iran and 99 percent of people love it. Here in this very far land from sweet home we miss it some days especially in a warm summer day. So we decided to make it at home. I don’t have any ice cream machine at home ,so my first try for making ice cream was saffron ice cream , It was really fun and yummy, the taste and the model was really like an original form. If you are interested in, you can fallow this post:
·         Milk 1.3 liter (3.25% preference )
·         Cream 20-30ml (5%-10%) , (optional)
·         Sugar 400gr ( it is a little bit sweet , up to you)
·         Sahlep powder 2tsp
·         Rose water half cup
·          Saffron 1/3 tsp (if you like  very yellow add more to get your desirable color )
At the first we should warm the milk, it is not necessary to boil it just a little bit warm because the sugar needs to solve in. In another plate we first should mix the sugar and sahlep that it wouldn’t be like a bullet. Then we add the mix of sugar and sahlep to the milk gradually. And mix them by hand mixer. You should mix them till you fill the form of the mix is changing. It will be a little bit harder. In this time we add rose water and saffron and mix more. In this part since I didn’t have machine I put the mixed in a steel bowl and put some ice slice in a bigger steel bowl ,then put the mixed bowl on the ice and mixed by mixer more. If you add some salt in ice is better and helps the ice-cream creating sooner. After the form of the mixed started to change more, put the bowl in the freezer and every 15 minutes mix them again due to it wouldn’t glaciate, and put it in the refrigerator again. With this method after maximum 3-4 hours you can almost have the ice cream but, in this time you should put them in the refrigerator that the form will be more like ice cream. That is all, too easy but needs to be patient. You can add any flavour you like on it. Delicious  J

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dead leaves..

Oh! I would like as much as you remember
The happy days where we were friends.
In this time the life was more beautiful,
And the sun more burning than today.
The dead leaves collected with the shovel.
You see, I did not forget...
The dead leaves collected with the shovel,
The memories and the regrets also
And the wind of North carries them
In the cold night of the lapse of memory.
You see, I did not forget
The song that you sang me.

This is a song which resembles to us.
You, you loved me and I loved you
And we lived both together,
You who loved me, me who loved you.
But the life separate those which love themselves,
All softly, without making noise
And the sea erases on the sand
The Steps of  divided lovers.

The dead leaves collected with the shovel,
The memories and the regrets also
But my quiet and faithful love
Smiles always and thanks the life
I loved you so much, you was so pretty.
Why do you want that I forget you ?
In this time, the life was more beautiful
And the sun more burning than today.
You were my softer friend
But I don't have only to make regrets
And the song than you sang,
Always, always I will hear it !

YVES MONTAND - Les Feuilles Mortes